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        Cement Quality Range
        43/53 Grade, Pozzolana Portland Cement,
        Ordinary Portland Cement


        Pozzolana Portland Cement
        Extra Strength & Resistance

        Ordinary Portland Cement
        Concrete Structural Durability

        43/53 Grade Cement
        Solid Strength


        Quality Policy
        43/53 Grade, Pozzolana Portland Cement,
        Ordinary Portland Cement

        "Quality Policy of MAJOR CEMENT is to achieve total customer satisfaction by supplying cement on agreed terms of technical specification, delivery and maintain credibility in the market for the quality of its products and services."


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        Our Valuable Clients
        Major Cement's state-of-art infrastructure facilities are its key strength.


        Some of our reputed clients are:

        Gujarat Government
        Agriculture Market Produce Committee
        Rotary International
        Gujarat Agro Industries and Energy Ltd.
        Swaminarayan Gurukul
        Giriraj Sevashram
        Saurashtra Rachnatmak Samitee Seva Trust
        Pyramid Tower
        Gunjan Park
        Gunjan Developers
        Gujarat Meritime Board
        Megh Malhar
        Dadsal Pvt. Ltd. - Mumbai
        Swapnalok Developers
        Aum Associates
        Shreeji Construction Company
        Shri Gurjari Industries Ltd. - Surat
        Jalkranti Trust
        ... and many more.


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