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        Cement Quality Range
        43/53 Grade, Pozzolana Portland Cement,
        Ordinary Portland Cement


        Pozzolana Portland Cement
        Extra Strength & Resistance

        Ordinary Portland Cement
        Concrete Structural Durability

        43/53 Grade Cement
        Solid Strength



















        Quality Policy
        43/53 Grade, Pozzolana Portland Cement,
        Ordinary Portland Cement

        "Quality Policy of MAJOR CEMENT is to achieve total customer satisfaction by supplying cement on agreed terms of technical specification, delivery and maintain credibility in the market for the quality of its products and services."

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        Contact Us ?Major Cement
        Major Cement, premium quality cement manufacturer in Gujarat, India.

        Please feel free to contact us for any type of inquiry...

        Registered Office Address:

        Major Cement Pvt. Ltd.
        Gandhi Chamber, Gondal Road,
        Rajkot - 360002.
        Gujarat - India

        Phone: +91 281 2242977, 2242978
        TeleFax: +91 281 2232206

        Email: info@www.glyphgryph.com 
        Web: www.www.glyphgryph.com


        Plant Address:

        Major Cement Pvt. Ltd.
        Survey No. 232,
        8-B Rajkot - Gondal Highway,
        Opp. 66KVA Sub Station,
        Shapar (Veraval),
        Taluka: Kotadasangani,
        Dist. Rajkot
        Gujarat - India

        Phone: +91 2827 253991, 253992
        Fax: +91 2827 253992


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