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        Cement Quality Range
        43/53 Grade, Pozzolana Portland Cement,
        Ordinary Portland Cement


        Pozzolana Portland Cement
        Extra Strength & Resistance

        Ordinary Portland Cement
        Concrete Structural Durability

        43/53 Grade Cement
        Solid Strength

        Our Strength
        43/53 Grade, Pozzolana Portland Cement,
        Ordinary Portland Cement

        "Quality Policy of MAJOR CEMENT is to achieve total customer satisfaction by supplying cement on agreed terms of technical specification, delivery and maintain credibility in the market for the quality of its products and services."


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        Welcome to Major Cement
        Extra strength, premium quality cement manufacturer in Gujarat, India.
        Manufacturers Ordinary Portland Cement, Pozzolana Portland Cement, etc.


        MAJOR CEMENT, an ISO 9001 Company is leading high quality cement manufacturing company at Shapar, located in the center of Saurashtra. Major Cement established to explore limitless possibilities on the expanding field of cement manufacturing. It is a fledglings company that is making great progress in the cement industry with special emphasis on quality. The modern technologies manufacturing facilities at Shapar bear a testimony to the spirit of the makers of MAJOR CEMENT.

        The technical know how has been provided by Movers India, Bangalore and S.P.M. Group of Industries. The steadily rising graph of sales of the MAJOR CEMENT is a proof of its consistent quality. It is a steadily expanding company, which is setting new sales standards with each passing year. The quality of cement and the customers' faith is the result of the world-class quality control methods adapted by the company in its manufacturing unit, which is supplied by I.P.A. Bangalore.

        High quality limestone available on the Saurashtra Coast enables MAJOR CEMENT to maintain high standard of quality. Computerized plant assures productions nearly 1 Lac MT/Annum. Continuous Research & Development is the policy adapted by the company to ensure its customer oriented quality cement; Hence customer satisfaction is our prime aim.

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