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        Cement Quality Range
        43/53 Grade, Pozzolana Portland Cement,
        Ordinary Portland Cement


        Pozzolana Portland Cement
        Extra Strength & Resistance

        Ordinary Portland Cement
        Concrete Structural Durability

        43/53 Grade Cement
        Solid Strength


        Quality Policy
        43/53 Grade, Pozzolana Portland Cement,
        Ordinary Portland Cement

        "Quality Policy of MAJOR CEMENT is to achieve total customer satisfaction by supplying cement on agreed terms of technical specification, delivery and maintain credibility in the market for the quality of its products and services."


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        Our Infrastructure, Our Strength
        Major Cement's state-of-art infrastructure facilities are its key strength.


        ?CLICK HERE to view Computerized Weigh Feeders MAJOR CEMENT has one of the most modern manufacturing facilities and the technical back up and know how is provided by Movers India, Bangalore and S.P.M. Group of Industries. Latest laboratory equipments to maintain a sustained quality. Check of the cement in various stages of manufacture and different batches of cement has been installed at the company.

        A complete computerized control has been provided by I.P.A. Constant power supply is ensured to enabled uninterrupted manufacturing of quality cement. To ensure accuracy in weight measurement a Computerized Monitoring System has been provided by I.P.A. Bangalore, also other machines are supplied by S.E.W. Germany.

        ?CLICK HERE to viewCement manufacturing requires huge setup which has to be compartmentalized and strictly adhered to. We at MAJOR CEMENT have a proper separate facility for storing raw material used in the manufacturing of cement. Clinker and Gypsum are stored in proper ideal condition. The plant has movable ultramodern equipments. Compressive strength machine enable us to maintain date wise record of cement manufactured. Upgradation of the strength of cement through study & Research & Development.

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